Online NBA Betting Singapore – 2023 Best Sites & Matches

Online NBA betting in Singapore is quite popular as basketball is one of the most popular sports in the nation. In fact, the national Singaporean basketball team, both men’s and women’s, are some of the best in the region, having earned medals in the SEA Games and ASEAN Basketball Championship. 

This betting guide explores the best NBA betting sites in Singapore, how we rank them, betting markets available, tips or strategies, and the biggest basketball leagues you can look forward to wager on for the year of 2023!

Top Trusted NBA Betting Sites 2023

/ 5.0
25 minutes or more
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
150 SGD
/ 5.0
5-10 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
SGD 100
/ 5.0
2 days
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
SGD 2100
/ 5.0
1-24 hours
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
/ 5.0
15 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
SGD 200
/ 5.0
5 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
SGD 2585
/ 5.0
3-10 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
SGD 50
/ 5.0
25-60 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
SGD 100
/ 5.0
25-60 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
/ 5.0
25-60 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus

Ranking the Top NBA Betting Sites

Let’s face it, NBA betting is just not as popular as football or soccer betting. This is great as it means that your choices are already narrowed down, but here are some factors that we considered when recommending the best sites for online basketball betting:


Live Betting and Live Streaming

Who doesn’t love watching a good basketball match with your friends and family? Experience the thrill and excitement on the court as you watch a match that is streaming live while placing bets as the game is in play. Offered by some of our recommended operators, this option allows you to feel more involved with the game. Try it once and there’s no going back!

Basketball - 2

NBA Odds, Markets, and Betting Lines

Our top operators offer the best NBA betting markets, odds, and lines. This is important as it gives punters more options to pick a bet that they are comfortable with. From the team to win the game, lowest scoring team of the NBA season, and money line bet, there are endless options to choose from. Make sure to compare the betting odds offered to get the best value bet.

SGD Credit

Basketball Bonuses and Promos

Since basketball betting is not as popular as football or horse racing betting, be sure to choose an online platform that offers a welcome bonus that applies to NBA wagers. You can also opt for operators that have promos such as a first deposit match, cashback rebates, or free credits that stretch your bankroll to allow you to bet more to increase your odds of winning.

safe 2

Security and Safety

The online sites recommended here are legitimate operators who allow players to bet on a secure and safe platform. Licensed by the relevant authorities such as the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, your personal information and funds are in safe hands. These reputable sites also employ higher security features such as using an SSL encrypted website and firewalls to further protect its users.

user 2

Other Features

Mobile devices are increasingly popular due to their convenience. This also applies to your online NBA betting activities. Choose an operator that supports both iOS and Android platforms so you can always bet on the go. 

Additionally, go with an operator that has 24/7 customer service available through multiple options such as live chat, phone, email, and more. Check with the platform to see if they accept the payment method of your choice. This includes credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies!

Popular Basketball Betting Markets

With online basketball betting, the sky's the limit when it comes to the different betting markets available. The many platforms available means that it would be hard for you to run out of choices! 

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets in basketball are the most straightforward. All you need to do is predict the winner of the game. The odds of the bet are based on the strength, form, and current standing of the teams involved. Therefore, it is common to have lower odds when betting on the favored team while dealing with higher odds when wagering on the underdog.  

Handicap Bets

A 2-way market or handicap refers to a situation where a virtual advantage is added to the underdog. For example, in a match where Team A is the favorite, a handicap of 10.5 points means that they have to win with 11 points or more to win in this bet. If the two competing teams are about equal, the handicap will be much lower. 

Totals Bets

In this bet, players can bet on the total points scored on each team or in the whole match, total assists, rebounds and more. There are plenty of alternatives in this bet. It also includes the over/under bet where bookmakers set a specific number and bettors predict if it ends up being over or under the line. 

Point Spread Bets

The point spread bet is a little more complicated as it requires punters to bet on specific point margins. It is best for punters who prefer a balanced option and recommended for situations where there is a huge disparity between two opposing teams. For example, a +4.5 means that you are betting on an underdog where they will get 4.5 points added to their total in the final score. This means that if they win the game or lose by less than 4.5 points, they still win in this bet. 

Odd/Even Bets

In the odd or even bet, bettors predict if the total points add up to either an odd or even number. It can be the total score of the match or that of a single team. The odds for this bet are usually equal but may change as the match progresses. 

Futures Bets

Besides betting on the specific match, betting on future matches is also an option. You can predict the winner of the entire season or tournament such as the NBA or European domestic league. Other NBA futures bets include predicting the first scorer of a top tournament, the MVP of the season, NBA player with the most assists, and more. 

Prop Bets

Prop bets are most popular when there are significant games that are highly speculated. In this bet, players wager on an element of the game instead of the actual result. Typically, the odds here are determined by the performance indicators of the team as a whole. Examples include number of fouls, which team scores first, etcetera. 


How to Bet on NBA Games

Most betting sites are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Our top NBA betting sites have an easy registration process that allows you to start betting almost immediately. Here’s how to get started:

Choose an Online Site

Betting on NBA games is easy. All you need to do is to start by choosing a betting site that offers the best deals in terms of bonuses, promotions, and odds. After choosing one, it is a good idea to sign up at one more platform so you gain access to more betting markets and odds. 

Complete the Registration and Deposit Process

Once you have chosen your site, go ahead with the registration process by entering your details and personal information. Follow the instructions on depositing the funds you need to get started. Each operator has different payment methods available.

Start Betting

Now that you have signed up and completed the transaction process, head back to the homepage and pick out basketball or NBA from the sports list. Select the match you want to bet on, the bet type you want, and start betting!

Tips and Strategies for NBA Betting

Like many other sports betting events, there are some tips and strategies that may increase your likelihood of winning. Remember to bet responsibly and only wager what you can afford to lose.

Compare Bookmaker Odds

Although most bookmakers have similar odds, there are always some that offer the best odds in specific bets. This is especially true with platforms that offer specialized betting markets. This is also the reason why sports betting veterans recommend signing up with multiple sites as it allows you to take advantage of the best odds you have access to.

Understand Different NBA Bets

Having an understanding of the different NBA bet types available is definitely an advantage. For example, learning about money lines, point spreads, and totals are important as they are the most basic markets in basketball betting.

Research The Teams

Following specific teams on social media or keeping an eye out on basketball news can help when you are researching the team. This allows you to know the players who are in or out of a game, latest injury updates, and keep up on player performance states. This can be crucial in determining if the team will win their next match.

Analyze Team Schedule

Professional basketball players are still humans. This means that they get fatigued especially when they have had a hard season or back to back games. Analyze the schedule of the team you are betting on to determine if they have had enough rest before going into the next game.

Consider Specializing

Instead of being a Jack of all traits, master of none, why not consider specializing on specific teams? By getting to know several teams specifically, you understand their performance and play styles better. This allows you to bet more on the teams you know best, giving you more confidence in making a profit.

The Biggest Basketball Leagues 

The popularity of each league is affected by many factors. The bigger the league, the more betting options available. Here is a sneak peek at some of the biggest basketball leagues available:

National Basketball Association

The National Basketball Association or NBA is the pinnacle of all basketball games. It features some of the biggest players and largest payout. With millions of fans tuning in to watch the most exciting matches, you can follow the different NBA teams as their games are broadcast worldwide. Some of the biggest players in the NBA include LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, and more. 

  • 30 teams
  • 82 games per season
NBA MatchesDescription
Eastern / Western ConferenceEach conference has 3 divisions
Teams play a regular season from October to April
All Star Weekend3 day event in February
Best players in Western and Eastern Conference face off
NBA PlayoffsTop 8 teams from both conferences play against each other
NBA Finals or NBA ChampionshipPlayed in best of 7 format
Between champions of Eastern and Western Conference


The equivalent of the Champions League in football, the EuroLeague in basketball features the finest teams from Europe. Teams face each other in midweek between domestic duties. This tournament is very popular among European fans and are considered second only to the NBA.

  • 18 teams
  • 34 games per season
EuroLeague MatchesDescription
Regular SeasonAll teams play each other twice
PlayoffsTop 8 teams play
Best of 5 series
Final Four2 semi-finals
1 third place game
Championship game

National Basketball League 

The National Basketball League or NBL began in the late 1970s and is the premier men’s basketball event in both Australia and New Zealand. Due to the broadcast, this tournament has millions of viewers watching with anticipation. 

  • 9 teams
  • 28 games per season
NBL MatchesDescription
Regular SeasonEach team plays 28 games
PlayoffsTop 6 teams paired in best of 3 series
Joined in final 4 by highest placed losing team in the 2nd round
NBL FinalsSemi finalist plays best of 3 series
Winners advance to best of 5 Grand Final

Other Notable Leagues

Some of the other most notable basketball leagues are the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA – college basketball), Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), International Basketball Federation (FIBA), Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), and many more. 



Online NBA Betting in Singapore is made easier by the multitude of reputable online betting sites available. To choose the best sites, make sure the operator is licensed and offers a wide variety of betting markets along with the best bonuses. Catch exciting teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Charlotte Hornets, and New York Knicks on the court soon!


What is the difference between a spread and a line in NBA betting?

In NBA betting, a line bet means that you are betting on one team to win outright. Meanwhile, betting the spread is choosing a team to win or lose by a specific margin.

What is the best bet for NBA or basketball betting?

The best way to make a profit on your NBA bets is to keep the bets simple but combining a few games together. This is known as an accumulator bet. Due to the long season with games played almost daily, you can take advantage for a smaller accumulator bet. Be sure not to be too greedy in order to land a huge accumulator. Instead, stick to a small number of teams and perhaps invest in ACCA insurance.

What is the best NBA team?

There are many great NBA teams such as the Memphis Grizzlies, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, New Orleans Pelicans, and more. It all depends on who you ask and what criteria you use to determine which is the best team. Here are some examples:

  • Phoenix Suns won the Western Conference in 2021 and own the NBA’s fifth best all time winning percentage
  • Detroit Pistons won the NBA championships three times
  • Houston Rockets won two NBA championships and four Western Conference titles.
  • Portland Trail Blazers advanced to the NBA Finals three times
  • Los Angeles Lakers won a combined 17 BAA and NBA titles
  • Milwaukee Bucks won three conference championships and two NBA titles

What is ACCA insurance and do all bookmakers offer it?

ACCA insurance is a type of insurance where sportsbooks offer to compensate bettors if they get one accumulator selection wrong. Not every bookie offers it. This is why punters should confirm with the operator before considering a wager.

Are online betting sites reliable?

Yes, reputable online betting sites including the operators recommended in this article are reliable. You can determine if they are trustworthy by looking up their license and customer reviews.

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