Singapore Sweep Prize Structure

The cash prize for a 7-digit Singapore Sweep game ranges from a minimum of SG$ 1,000 to a maximum of SG$ 2.3 million. With 3.5 million number combinations on sale, each ticket costs a minimum of SG$ 3. 

Although it may be quite difficult to win the top prizes, it is not hard at all to win a prize as Singapore Sweep also has two-digit winning numbers known as “2 Digit Delight Prizes” where winners each get SG$ 6 if the last two digits of your 7-digit number matches any of the 9 two-digit winning numbers drawn. In fact, there are 315,000 two-digit winning numbers available for every draw that only takes place on the first Wednesday of every month.

The Cash Prizes

There are 9 prize categories for the Singapore Sweep game. Each category has a different prize amount for the winner as you can see in the chart below:

Prize CategoryNumber of Prizes AvailableWinning Amount (SGD)
4th (Jackpot)1010,000 each
5th (Lucky)105,000 each
6th (Gift)303,000 each
7th (Consolation)302,000 each
8th (Participation)501,000 each
 Total = 133 

2 Digit delight prizes

Two-Digit delight prize winners each get $6. Your last two digits have to match that of any of the 9 combinations for each draw. There are three hundred fifteen thousand 2-digit numbers on each draw day.

PrizeNumber of winning numbersAmount
Two-Digit Delight Prizes315,000$6 each

If your ticket qualifies for more than one cash prize, you will be entitled to all the cash prizes therein. There are 133 7-digit numbers from each draw and 9 2-digit numbers from each draw like below.

Odds of winning prizes per category

Each participant has a 1 out 11 chance of winning any prize. Yet, the odds of winning the first 3 big prizes in the Singapore Sweep is 1 out of 3.5 million tickets sold.

Prize CategoryOdds of winning for each ticket
First Prize1 in 3,500,000
Second Prize1 in 3,500,000
Third Prize1 in 3,500,000
Jackpot Prize1 in 350,000
Lucky Prize1 in 350,000
Gift Prize1 in 166,667
Consolation Prize1 in 166,667
Participation1 in 70,000
Any prize1 in 11


Since there is a higher chance of winning a prize (even if it is a 2-digit delight prize), Singapore Sweep is a very popular lottery game among Singaporeans. By spending on a ticket as low as SG$ 3, you could stand a chance to win millions. 

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