Best Online Betting Sites in Singapore

Online betting in Singapore is massively popular with dozens of online sites catering to Singaporean players. With so many choices, it can become confusing! Until 2014, there was no legislation or regulation that covered online gambling.

However, the lawmakers decided to stop gambling. This led to a blanket ban on online betting and gambling through the Remote Gambling Act.

    Get a Free Consultation from an Casino Agent
    Get a Free Consultation from an Casino Agent

    Despite all their efforts, they were not able to stop the punters who simply decided to play on offshore betting sites and online casinos. As a result, the lawmakers partially lifted the ban in 2016. This resulted in two Singaporean operators who were allowed to provide online gambling services.

    The Singaporean operators have very limited gambling services.Thus, many Singapore players still opt to use foreign betting sites. However, both these options have downsides.Therefore, the best option for avid punters in Singapore is a sportsbook agent.

    Local Singapore Online Betting Operators

    There are two state-approved operators: Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools. Singapore Pools offers online betting on:



    Betting is available for various events and regions


    Motor sports

    Betting is available for Formula 1 and MotoGP


    Horse racing

    Singapore Pools eventually took over the horse betting operations from Singapore Turf Club. Singapore Pools operates and manages the horse betting while Singapore Turf Club will focus on providing high-quality horse racing.

    Why Choose A Sports Betting Agent

    There are many advantages when you place your bets through an agent. Thanks to technology, online betting agents have grown tremendously. They are now the go-to compared to a brick-and-mortar location. This has led to many traditional betting centers trying to create a mobile platform for themselves.


    Instead of placing your bets in person, you can place it through your sports betting agent. This saves you time and money. How? You no longer have to drive and place a bet yourself. This means you save time commuting from one place to another. The money saved gives you more funds to place bets with.

    You also save money as you no longer have to pay for gas, toll, and parking. All that is needed is signing in to your account and placing your bet online using your mobile devices. This can be done anywhere even while you are on the move.

    If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may even ask your bookie to place your bets as scheduled for you. Just make sure to make them aware of your betting preferences ahead of time.


    With the booming online betting industry, naturally there are more sportsbook agents as well. This competition between agents is great for punters as agents come up with more promotions and bonuses to attract more clients.

    This competitive environment creates a paradise for avid online gamblers. Take advantage of the various incentives such as welcome bonuses, first deposit match, rebate losses, free credits, free spins, and more.

    These incentives are rare in brick-and-mortar location due to a high overhead of paying for location and employees.


    This is one of the most important aspects of choosing an betting advisor.Research is key to increasing your odds of winning. Since it can take a lot of time and effort, your best option is to choose a reputable gambling consultant.

    When betting through a online betting agent, a good company usually has done the research necessary. An experienced gambler will also have connections in the industry and have access to insider tips on the best bets to place.

    In physical betting locations, the use of your mobile devices may be discouraged. When you see a bet that you are interested in and want to do some research, you may be required to leave the center to do the research. Additionally, the cell reception in some betting locations are also poor.


    Betting with an expert is also much safer as you do not need to carry cash for bets. There is also a lower risk of losing your money. If you are accustomed to spending time in a bookie center or casino, you will hear announcements offering rewards for lost cash. Unfortunately, there are very few occasions where the money was returned.

    Betting with an sports betting consultant also means that you do not need to handle any money. Your winnings can be easily withdrawn through a bank transfer. This can be greatly beneficial as there are accounts of bettors being robbed in the parking lot.


    We all know that sports betting in Singapore is extremely limited. All there is to bet on is football, motor sports, and horse racing. When you choose a reputable sports betting site in singapore, it opens doors to all the different games, different teams, and different events worldwide.

    Popular Online Betting Websites in Singapore

    The booming online betting industry has led to the exponential increase of sportsbook agents available. When choosing an agent, consider the following factors:

    • ExperienceExperience
    • ReputationReputation
    • ReliabilityReliability

    With these factors in mind, here are several betting websites we recommend:


    Acebet99 is one of the most well-known and reliable online betting website in Singapore.

    They have

    A plethora of games and sports to bet on
    Important information for newcomers
    Reliable customer support with live chat option
    Great mobile platform to ensure the best gaming experience
    10 years of experience in the online betting industry
    Hundreds of great customer reviews
    As one of the best sportsbook agents in Asia, they also provide their services to Malaysia and Thailand. They offer online casino games like blackjack and partner with the best sports betting sites in Asia.
    Visit Acebet99

    Bet888win is now a prominent name among the online betting agents in Asia.

    They have

    Boast the best odds and payouts
    Have a wide range of online betting games
    Provide Useful information
    Have a good customer support team
    Ensures a thrilling experience by providing bonuses and incentives
    Have hundreds of great customer reviews
    By partnering with the best bookmakers in Asia for many years, they are now one of the biggest and most established companies in the industry.
    Visit Bet888win

    This online gambling site provides a seamless online platform for sports and casino betting. They cater to fans of all sports niches with unbeatable odds. From local matches to world-class games, players have the option to place bets at any level.

    They regularly update their technology, tournaments, and payment methods so their clients have the best gaming experience. Besides online sports betting, they also have live casino games such as roulette and baccarat.


    Resortbet is an online casino and online wagering site. They are a reputable company in the online gambling industry. Their customer team is efficient and quick to resolve any issues their clients face. They cater to both high rollers and casual players. It is touted as one of the best betting sites for Singaporean players with various bonuses available for their members.

    The Best Foreign Online Betting Sites

    If you are an avid online bettor, sportsbook agents that are trustworthy are still the better choice as they tend to be more dependable. However, for those who are interested in foreign betting sites as an alternative, some sites include:

    • Raging Bull SlotsRaging bull slots have a wide selection of premium online slots and table games. They have exclusive promotions, easy deposits, fast withdrawals, and a VIP casino.
    • 22bet22bet casino is an online casino and online betting website.Using top tier software providers, their website is optimized for mobile platforms. They also have live chat customer support and multiple withdrawal methods available for their clients.
    • fezbetFezbet casino is a licensed operator with a well-designed and secure site. They offer a smooth mobile casino experience, exciting promotions, and an impressive selection of betting options. They also have a generous welcome bonus and VIP service. Fezbet also offers virtual sports and accepts cryptocurrencies.
    • lvbetLVbet Casino has a wide variety of games ranging from slots to live casino games. One of the main features is the number of slots available from top developers in the industry. They also have promotions and tournaments to keep players engaged.

    Examples of Sports Betting Available


    Soccer Betting

    Football or soccer might as well be known as the “king of sports”. It is the most popular spectator sport in Singapore. It is also probably the most heavily bet on sport in the world. While betting is usually available for the Singapore Premier League (SPL), many punters like to go a step further and place bets on major competitions such as:

    • English Premier League in the United Kingdom
    • La Liga in Spain
    • Europe’s Champions League
    • The World Cup
    • And many more
    Read more about Soccer Betting

    Horse Betting

    The Singapore Turf Club is the only horse racing club in Singapore. Races run on a regular basis, normally twice during the weekend. However, with gambling agents, locals are no longer limited to horse races in Singapore. They can enjoy more event options with sites that offer 24/7 horse racing events from:

    • Asia
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • United States
    • Europe
    • South Africa
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    Tennis Betting

    Those interested in tennis betting have so many wagering options all year round. With many major events throughout the year, bettors can place their bets on:

    • The Australian Open
    • Wimbledon Championships
    • Other Grand Slams
    • ATP tour
    • WTA events
    • Davis Cup
    • And many more
    Read more about Tennis Betting

    NBA Betting

    Another famous sport in Singapore, basketball has become an interest with the country’s national team sometimes progressing on to regional competitions. Besides local competitions, punters can also place wagers on major basketball competitions around the world.

    In North America, this means bets are placed on the National Basketball Association (NBA) events. Some sports betting agents also offer bets on the Asian and European basketball tournaments and leagues.

    Read more about NBA Betting

    Other Popular Sports

    There are countless different sports you can place bets on through your agent. For example, bets can sometimes be placed on:

    • Badminton – especially during major competitions such as the Olympics.
    • Rugby – especially with regional tournaments and the Rugby World Cup.
    • American Football – especially as interest in the Super Bowl and National Football League (NFL) grows every year.
    • Ice hockey – with the National Hockey League (NHL) events going on throughout the year.

    Last Words on Singapore Online Betting

    Although sports betting is extremely limited in Singapore, Singaporeans do not have to limit themselves.By choosing a reputable and trustable agent, you can place your bets online on any sport, team, or event anywhere in the world using your mobile devices. With the covid-19 or novel coronavirus pandemic, online betting through a reputable gambling consultant can be one of the wisest decisions you make.