7 Top Tips For Winning At 4D Games

7 Top Tips For Winning At 4D Games

Given the thousands of possible winning numbers, getting prizes on 4D often seems almost impossible.

But, your winning chances do not have to be as slim as getting chosen from 10,000 numbers. Wondering how?

This article will show you how to increase your chances of winning 4D.

A quick recap on how to play 4D:

You must select a 4-digit number between 0000 and 9999. There are 10,000 possible numbers to be picked from this interval. You choose whether to play a big or a small forecast.

How to win a 4D game

1. Predictive skills

To win a 4D game, you will need good prediction skills. You can develop these by studying historical 4D results from gaming sites.

Pros usually search for the most and least frequent numbers on the internet. They observe the statistical properties of the least winning numbers and use them to predict the next draw.

2. Using maths and algorithms

Yes, you can use maths to increase your chances of winning at 4D. Since 4D is typically a game of chance, many players attribute their winning to luck. This shouldn’t be the case, especially if you can play with numbers.

The math helps you to establish a pattern from the random scenarios. With that, you can use various statistical tools or algorithms to predict your next possible winning number coupled with the help of previous 4D results.

3. Use of intelligence

If math is not your thing, you can try another intelligent, proven tactic, Elimination. You win from a pool of 10,000 possible numbers. From any 4-digit number, simply eliminate 2 numbers. When you add other digits to the remaining number, you get only 4,096 possible combinations. That already increases your winning chances by 59%.


Step 1: From 10,000 combinations, pick any number, e.g., 1122

Step 2: Eliminate 2 digits, e.g., 11

Step 3: Obtain the 4,096 possible combinations with the remaining number, e.g., 2222, 1422, 3622

Step 4: Obtain your numbers from these 4,096 pools rather than the 10,000.

Note: This, however, is going to require some intuition

4. Utilise intuition

Always trust your inner voice as a guiding factor when playing 4D games. Closely study previous 4D numbers and work with fewer permutations, as shown above. Then, follow your intuition to make the big winning choices.

5. Predict with a friend

Well, you may have to split the prize when you do this, but we all know the notion, “two heads are better than one.” Having a friend to play with will increase your analytical skills and enable you to make better predictions than a solo player.

6. Buy predictions

Buying predictions is the easiest way to win 4D games because it does not involve as much effort as the previous tips. Here, individuals who have dedicated their lives to making predictions for 4D lottery games choose the 4 digits and sell them at a fee.

It is a viable option that you can explore. However, while doing so, always look out for customer reviews to establish how reliable their predictions are.

7. Use predictive software

You can use Lottery predictive software to increase your chances of winning a 4D game. Some of this software will reduce the pool of numbers from which you can pick from. Others use formulas that previous winners used. Whichever software you’d like to use is available on the market at a fee, like Lottery Numbers Pro or Lotto Prediction.


Winning 4D games is always based on chance. There is no sure way to win. Otherwise, everybody would do it, and the game would lose meaning. But, with these tips, you can “increase your luck” and therefore your chances of winning at least something on the 4D prize structure.