How to Play 4D Lottery in Singapore 2023: From Novice to Pro

Learning how to play 4D in Singapore is almost like a rite of passage as this lottery game has been offered by Singapore Pools since its incorporation in 1968 as an effort to curb illegal betting. Polled as the most popular lottery game in 2018, it is estimated that 42% of the population in Singapore has bet on 4D. 

In this guide, we take a look at the basics of the 4D lottery in Singapore, the different bet types, odds of winning, and the payouts you can expect to receive if you have a winning ticket!

4D Basics: Aim of the Game

In the 4-digits or 4D game, each bet costs as low as SGD 1, inclusive of GST. The aim is to select four numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999 in hopes of matching the winning number. 

4D Draw Days

The draw days for 4D are every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6.30pm. 4D results are available at any online lottery official sites or at the nearest Singapore Pools outlet. When placing a bet, be sure to determine which draw days you are wagering for. 

4D Bet Types

There are several different bet types when it comes to the 4D lottery in Singapore. Besides the ordinary bet, the other types of bets help to increase your odds of winning. Understandably, it costs more to place these bets.

Ordinary Entry

With ordinary bets, your numbers will win if your combination matches any of the winning numbers in the same order. These are the most basic entries and cost SGD 1 to place.

4D Roll

With the “roll” option, bettors get to choose one rolling digit with any number. For example, if you are buying 123R, the “R” in this sequence denotes any digit from 0 to 9. This means you will win a prize if there is any winning number beginning with 123 no matter what the last digit is. When betting, you can substitute the R in any of the four digits. 

System Entry & iBet

Both system entry and iBet means that you are placing a bet on all the possible permutations for a 4 digit number. This means if you are buying the number 1234, there are 24 unique combinations such as 4321, 3214, 3241, and more.

Meanwhile a number such as 1222 only has 4 combinations (1222, 2122, 2212, 2221). The only difference between the system entry and iBet options are the costs of the bet and prize amount as seen on the chart below:

Number CombinationsSystem Entry Minimum  BetiBet Minimum Bet
1234 (24 combinations)$24$1
1123 (12 combinations)$12$1
1122 (6 combinations)$6$1
1112 (4 combinations)$4$1

Quick Pick

If you are feeling lucky or do not have any numbers in mind, you can select Quick Pick to let the system generate a random number for you. There are many cases where Quick Pick tickets have won the top three prizes!

Decide On 4D Digits and Betting Amount

After deciding on the bet type and draw days, select the 4 digit number you want to bet on and indicate how much you will be staking on those numbers. You can wager on either big bet or small bet.

Big Bet

An ordinary big bet costs SG$ 1 with the 1st prize payout of SG$ 2,000. You will win a prize as long as your number appears in any of the prize categories. There are five prize categories: 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize, 10 starter prizes, and 10 consolation prizes. 

Small Bet

An ordinary small bet costs SG$ 1 with the first prize winning you SG$ 3,000. Although the small bet wins you a higher prize amount, you only win if your number appears in the top three prize categories. Since the chances of winning a prize is smaller, the payout is higher.

Big Bet Vs Small Bet

In 4D, although there are several different types of bet available, you will still ultimately have to decide if you want to place a big bet or small bet. The only difference between these two bets are the prize categories you are betting on. In the big bet, you are betting that your number will match one of the winning numbers in all the prize categories. 

Meanwhile, the small bet means you are only betting that your number will match the top three prize categories. Although the betting amount remains the same, understandably, the prize money for small bets is higher as the odds of winning are lower. 

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    How to Place Bets on 4D in Singapore

    To place a 4D bet in Singapore, head over to any Singapore Pools outlet and wager on any 4D number of your choice. There, you will receive a ticket or betting slip as proof of your bet. Keep it well as you will need it to claim your prize money in the event of a win. You can also place bets online if you have an online Singapore Pools account. 

    Besides 4D lotteries in Singapore, you can also bet on other lottery games through other online platforms. These are for lottery games all around the world, meaning that you are no longer confined to only local lotteries. 

    4D Prizes

    In the 4D prize structure money depends on the type of bet you have placed and the amount wagered. The following table shows the payout based on each SGD 1 bet. To calculate how much you win in 4D, all you need to do is multiply it by the amount you have wagered.

    Ordinary Entry – Small Bet and Big Bet

    Prize CategoryNumber of Prizes AvailableWinning Amount (SGD)
    Big BetSmall Bet

    iBet Entry – Big Bet

    Prize4 different digits selected such as 1234 (SG$)2 different and 1 pair of digits selected such as 1123 (SG$)2 pairs of digits such as 1122 (SG$)3 of the same digits such as 1112 (SG$)

    iBet Entry – Small Bet

    Prize4 different digits selected such as 1234 (SG$)2 different and 1 pair of digits selected such as 1123 (SG$)2 pairs of digits such as 1122 (SG$)3 of the same digits such as 1112 (SG$)

    Odds of Winning 4D

    Determining the chances of one winning 4D all comes down to the rules of probability. Since there are 23 winning numbers (big bet) out of 10,000 possible number combinations, the chance you will win a prize is 23 out of 10,000. In other words, the odds of winning is 0.23%. 

    If you are trying to calculate your odds of winning for a small bet, there are only 3 winning numbers out of 10,000, bringing down the probability to 0.03%. 

    For bettors who are looking specifically to win the first prize, that would be 1 winning number out of 10,000 potential combinations, giving you the odds of 0.01% of winning the top prize. 

    4D vs Other Lottery Games

    Singapore Pools offers three lottery games: 4D, Toto, and Singapore Sweep. Each game has a similar concept where bettors win if they have numbers that match the winning numbers that are randomly drawn. 

    While the 4D lottery requires bettors to wager on 4-digit numbers, Toto is a game where punters place a stake on 6 out of 49 numbers. Comparatively, Singapore Sweep is a lottery where players bet on a 7-digit number. Due to this, the odds of winning the top prizes and prize money for each lottery game differs as well:

    Prize Category4DTotoSingapore Sweep
    1st prize1 in 10,0001 in 13,983,8161 in 3,200,000
    2nd prize1 in 10,0001 in 2,330,6361 in 3,200,000
    3rd prize1 in 10,0001 in 55,4911 in 3,200,000

    Tips to Win 4D

    Before trying your hand at 4D, it is important to note that 4D is a game of chance where there is no guarantee of winning. Therefore, any money you stake on the game should be money you can afford to lose. Some of the top tips to win 4D based on 4D veterans include:

    Aim for Smaller Prizes

    Since the top prizes have the lowest chance of winning, aim for the smaller prizes. This means to go for the big bet instead of the small bet as your odds of winning increases. By going for the smaller prizes, it allows players to gain more experience at the game as well.

    Study Past 4D Results

    Many veterans of 4D claim that studying the past 4D results can increase your likelihood of winning. This includes the concept of determining which numbers are hot numbers and more likely to come up in the next draw.


    Singaporeans can be a mystical bunch. This means that there are many who believe in numerology, the study of the divine or mystical relationship between numbers and coinciding events. While it may seem superstitious, there are some individuals who have had small windfalls with numerology.



    4D is a lottery game in Singapore that has simple rules that are easy to understand. Loved by many Singaporeans, it gives punters the chance to win thousands in exchange for a small bet of only SGD 1.


    How does the 4D system work?

    The 4D system works in a way where punters who have a 4-digit number that matches the winning numbers win a payout.

    What is the difference between 4D and 3D?

    As the name suggests, 4D is a lottery game where players bet on a 4-digit number of their choice. Likewise, 3D is a lottery game where players bet on a 3-digit number of their choice.

    What is the minimum age required for 4D players?

    As per the rules and regulations in Singapore, Singapore Pools does not accept any 4D betting or prize claims from individuals who are 18 years or lower. Online betting or through the phone is only possible for those who are at least 21 years old.