How to Play Singapore Sweep: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Win Big

Learning how to play Singapore Sweep can be your first step to becoming a millionaire. This lottery game that was once known as Big Sweep was first held by Singapore Pools in 1969 to raise funds for the construction of Singapore’s first National Stadium. Over the next four years until 1973, this lotto game contributed a total of $14.5 million to the project. 

Today, it remains one of the most lucrative lottery games in the nation. This guide delves into the history of the game, basic rules, prize structure, tips, strategies, and many more. 

Brief History of Singapore Sweep

Singapore Sweep is a raffle-style lottery game. As mentioned previously, Singapore Sweep was created to help fund the building of the first National Stadium in 1969. With each ticket costing only SGD 1, the first prize was offered at a total of SGD 400,000. 

In 1981, the prize money for the jackpot increased to SGD 600,000. Merely a year later, this amount increased to a whopping SGD 1 million while ticket prices went up to SGD 2. In 1986, it was determined that Singapore Pools has contributed $45 million for the construction of Singapore’s Indoor Stadium. The popularity of the game allowed it to persist even after the stadium was constructed. 

In 1995, Singapore Sweep’s prize structure was revised to include more prizes including the possibility of snowballing and a Premium Prize of SGD 99,000. This increased to SGD 200,000 when the game was relaunched in 1998 with proceeds of the lottery pledged to the construction of the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. 

By 2004, the first prize ballooned to SGD 2 million and progressively increased to SGD 2.3million. As technology advanced, traditional pre-printed tickets were replaced with on-demand ticket printing within Singapore Pools outlets. 

Singapore Sweep Basic Rules

Singapore Sweep is a very simple and straightforward game compared to Toto and 4D. The aim is for the punter to wager on a seven digit number combination between 1000000 to 4499999. This means that there are 3.5 million number combinations possible with each ticket costing SGD 3, inclusive of GST. 

Singapore Sweep Bet Types

Like the other lottery games in the country, Singapore Sweep has several betting options. Besides the Quick Pick option, the other bet types help to increase your odds of winning. However, these bets will cost more to place. 

Quick Pick

For the Quick Pick betting option, the system generates a set of random 7-digit numbers.

First Digit

For the “First Digit” bet type, bettors get to choose the first digit of the seven-digit number that they want to bet on.

Last 4 Digits

In the “Last 4 digits” bet, players get to choose the last four digits of the 7-digit number they are betting on. This is a common bet as 4D bettors have an option of choosing to place bets on Singapore Sweep based on the 4D number they have just wagered on. The 4D number they bet on will represent the last 4 digits of their Singapore Sweep bet.

100 Numbers

In this bet, punters get the option of having their last two digits rolled. This means that their seven digit number will end in 12345RR, with RR ranging from 00 to 99.

Singapore Sweep Draw Days

Singapore Sweep’s winning numbers are only drawn on the first Wednesday of every month at 6.30pm. There will be 133 sets of 7-digit winning numbers and 9 sets of 2-digit winning numbers. The 2-digit winning numbers will be based on the last two digits of the 7-digit number you bet on. 

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    Singapore Sweep Prize Structure

    The following shows the payout for each prize category. If in doubt, you can also use Singapore Pools’ prize calculator to help you determine how much you’ve won!

    PrizeNumber of Winning NumbersPrize Amount
    First Prizeone 7-digit number$2,300,000
    Second Prizeone 7-digit number$500,000
    Third Prizeone 7-digit number$250,000
    Jackpot Prizesten 7-digit numbers$10,000 each
    Lucky Prizesten 7-digit numbers$5,000 each
    Gift Prizesthirty 7-digit numbers$3,000 each
    Consolation Prizesthirty 7-digit numbers$2,000 each
    Participation Prizesfifty 7-digit numbers$1,000 each
    Two-Digit Delight PrizesThree hundred & fifteen thousand 2-digit numbers$6 each

    Claiming Your Singapore Sweep Payout

    In the event of a win, you can claim your prize by presenting your winning ticket during normal business hours at any of the Singapore Pools outlets or at the company’s registered office if the sum does not exceed SGD 5,000. If it exceeds that amount, winners will need to collect their cheque at Singapore Pools’ main branch.

    A proof of identity may be required to complete the claim. It is important to note that all prizes that are not claimed within 6 months or 180 days of the draw will be forfeited. The prize money you win will not be subjected to tax. 

    Winning Ticket Requirements

    It is important to maintain your Singapore Sweep ticket as a winning ticket must not be torn, mutilated, defaced, or disfigured in any way. Additionally, it must not have been altered, tampered, or recorded as canceled in the company’s computer. Ultimately, to claim your payout, your winning ticket must satisfy all the company’s security checks and conditions. 

    How to Place Bets on Singapore Sweep

    To buy Singapore Sweep or Big Sweep tickets, head to any of Singapore Pools’ outlets or participating Singapore Sweep vendors and talk to the counter staff. Unlike Toto and 4D lottery games, you cannot bet on Singapore Sweep online. Before leaving the outlet or vendor, be sure to check the ticket to ensure it reflects your bet accurately.

    Singapore Sweep Odds of Winning

    The odds of winning Singapore Sweep depends on the number of available tickets. Since there are 3,500,000 7-digit number combinations, the odds of winning the jackpot, first, second, third, and lucky prizes are 1 in 3,500,000. If you are only looking to win any prize, the odds are 1 in 26,316. 

    The odds for each prize category are as follows:

    PrizeNumber of Winning NumbersOdds
    First Prizeone 7-digit number1 in 3,500,000
    Second Prizeone 7-digit number1 in 3,500,000
    Third Prizeone 7-digit number1 in 3,500,000
    Jackpot Prizesten 7-digit numbers1 in 350,000
    Lucky Prizesten 7-digit numbers1 in 350,000
    Gift Prizesthirty 7-digit numbers1 in 116,667
    Consolation Prizesthirty 7-digit numbers1 in 116,667
    Participation Prizesfifty 7-digit numbers1 in 70,000
    Two-Digit Delight PrizesThree hundred & fifteen thousand 2-digit numbers1 in 11

    Where to Find Singapore Sweep Results

    Once the monthly draw for Singapore Sweep’s winning numbers has ended, the latest results are available on the official website for Singapore Pools. Subscribers who are interested in keeping up to date with the latest announcements will receive the latest information on Singapore Pools’ website via email. Other third party sites also feature the latest Singapore Sweep results.

    Singapore Sweep Lottery vs Other Lottery Games

    Singapore Pools offers three lottery games in the country: Singapore Sweep, Toto, and 4D. Each of these games require bettors to wager on a set of numbers that match the winning numbers drawn. 

    Unlike Singapore Sweep that requires punters to bet on 7-digit numbers, the 4D game is where bettors wager on 4-digit numbers, while Toto involves players betting on 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 49. The following is a brief comparison regarding the odds of winning the top prizes for each game:

    Prize Category4DTotoSingapore Sweep
    1st prize1 in 10,0001 in 13,983,8161 in 3,200,000
    2nd prize1 in 10,0001 in 2,330,6361 in 3,200,000
    3rd prize1 in 10,0001 in 55,4911 in 3,200,000

    Strategies and Tips to Win Singapore Sweep

    Singapore Sweep is purely a game of chance and luck. This means that the results drawn are random and not even Singapore Pools themselves can help you win. For this reason, always stick to your bankroll budget and never bet more than you can afford to lose. 

    That said, there are some strategies and tips that some veteran gamblers stand by:

    Observe Winning Numbers

    Many say that studying past results can help you find a pattern as it may give you an idea of what the most popular numbers are. Also known as hot numbers, you may just discover the next set of winning numbers!

    Predictions By Experts

    There are many “experts” out there who claim to be able to predict the numbers that will let you win the jackpot. While some may have more sophisticated tools that help increase the probability of winning, never fall for claims that say they can guarantee you a win. 

    Go With Your Gut

    Sometimes, you should go with your gut and bet on the number that speaks to you most. Many past winners have gone with their intuition and win! 



    Singapore Sweep is a great lottery to invest in especially if you are in the country. With SGD 2.3 million up for grabs and each lottery ticket only costing SGD 3, you stand to become an overnight millionaire!


    Can foreigners buy Singapore Sweep?

    Yes, foreigners can buy Singapore Sweep tickets but since this cannot be done online, the punter must be there in person to place their bets at any Singapore Pools outlet or retailers. International bettors should keep in mind that they must also be present physically to claim any prizes and may have to pay an income tax in their country of origin if their winnings are significant.

    Are there still designs on Singapore Sweep tickets?

    Singapore Sweep tickets were once known for their beautiful appearance. This is an effort on Singapore Pools’ part to showcase the nation’s talented individuals and local artists. Each ticket you buy highlights a masterpiece and may feature photographs or paintings. Some images are also representative of the local tradition and culture.

    However, as of 2018, the tickets are now printed on thermal paper, just like any 4D or Toto tickets as an effort to go green through reduced paper usage and to increase productivity and efficiency. 

    Can I buy Singapore Sweep online?

    No, Singapore Sweep bets cannot be placed online. You can only buy these tickets at any Singapore Pools outlet or vendors. In the event of a win, you also cannot claim your winnings online.

    How much do Singapore Sweep tickets cost?

    Each Singapore Sweep ticket costs SGD 3 inclusive of GST.