The Biggest Slot Machine Jackpot Wins of All Time

The Biggest Slot Machine Jackpot Wins of All Time

Slot machine jackpots are considerably the most popular casino games, especially for players looking for a life-changing jackpot. While many players only dream of winning the big prizes, just a few have been lucky enough to actually hit it big!

In 2021, you no longer need to physically go to a casino to play and win. And some jackpot winners have been online players.

In this article, we’ll show you the biggest slot machine jackpot wins of all time. The wins on this list emphasize that hitting the jackpot is entirely about luck, and no amount of skill or wager can make you a millionaire.

Perhaps, they will inspire you to keep playing and become one of them.

10 of the Biggest Slot Machine Jackpot Wins

#10: $14.3 Million – Anonymous

In 2013, an anonymous player at Rampart Casino, Las Vegas, spent only $20, and he hit a jackpot of $14.3 Million. He decided to donate most of his winnings to charity.

#9: $17.3 Million – Anonymous

This winner is also anonymous, but research has it that it was a woman.

She played with her free credits at M Resort, Henderson in Las Vegas at a megabucks machine, and her luck struck. She walked away with a whopping $17.3 Million.

#8: $20.8 million – Anonymous

In 2013, a British player won $20.8 million, an equivalent of £13.2 million at the time, while playing the Mega Moolah slot on Betway online.

Online wins are rarely this big or even life-changing, and he is considered one of the luckiest players to ever play slots online. To think he spent just 25p.

#7: $21.1 Million – Elmer Sherwin

In 2005, Elmer Sherwin, a two-time lucky winner, struck $21.1 million for his second win at the megabucks slot at Cannery Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas at 80 years old.

He had previously won $4.6 million playing the same slot machine in 1989 but at the Mirage casino.

#6: $21.3 Million – Anonymous

According to this list so far, megabucks slot machines seem to be the most rewarding.

A 49-year-old man wagered $10 in 1999 and won $21.3 million while playing megabucks at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

He also remains anonymous with what is one of the biggest wins ever at Caesars Palace.

#5: $22.6 Million – Johanna Heundl

In May 2002, Johanna Heundl played the Megabucks slot machine in Bally’s, Las Vegas, and won $22.6 Million.

She had spent only $170 by the time she hit the jackpot. She was 74 at the time, and the win set her up for a millionaire lifestyle for the rest of her life.

#4: $23.6 million – Anonymous

In 2013, a Finnish online player won $23.6 million, equivalent of €17.8 Million then, playing Mega Fortune at

The most fascinating thing about this win is that he only wagered 25 cents. He, too, remains anonymous.

3: $27.6 Million – Anonymous

The Megabucks machine gives us another winner at $27.6 Million at Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas.

This winner is also anonymous and went intending to spend only $100. She went a little over her budget and spent $300, but her jackpot definitely made the risk worth it.

#2: $35 Million – Cynthia Jay Brennan

In 2000, Cynthia Jay Brennan won $35 million playing the very famous Megabucks slot machine at Desert Inn, Las Vegas.

Her lucky strike wasn’t well enjoyed, though. It is reported that months later, she got into a car accident that left her paralyzed.  Nonetheless, she’s one of the biggest slot machine winners of all time.

#1: $39.7 Million – Anonymous

The megabuck slot has the biggest slot machine jackpot winner of all time at $39.7 Million. This was a lucky player from LA in 2003 while he played at the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas.

In Conclusion:

The only pattern we can see here is that slot machines are some of the few casino games that have the potential to change your life. Yet, winning is pure luck. Some bet as little as 25p and win big. Others use up to $300 and succeed as well.

There is no formula to winning, but the basics still apply; keep playing, manage your money well and ensure that you try your hand at the popular slot machines like megabucks. And may the odds be ever in your favor!