One Singapore Casino Fined: CRA’s Annual Report Shows

One Singapore Casino Fined: CRA’s Annual Report Shows

According to an annual report 2020/2021 by Singapore’s Casino Regulatory Authority, only one casino has been penalized, Resorts World Sentosa.

The resort failed to implement a system of internal controls approved by the Authority, which went against the Casino Control Regulations of 2013. It was therefore charged a penalty fee of SGD 75,000 (USD 55,448).

CRA also stated that its annual income for 2020/2021 was SGD 48million from licensing fees compared to the previous financial year, where it earned SGD 47.9 million.

In April 2020, Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs had planned to set up a new centralized body called Gambling Regulatory Authority by the end of 2021.

The new body was to oversee the gambling industry in Singapore and replenish the already existing CRA. At that time, the ministry also had plans to revise relevant laws and better define gambling to cover emerging products.

CRA’s Chairman, Mr. Tan Tee How, mentioned in the 2020/2021 annual report that since most employees have been working from home during the pandemic, it has been difficult for CRA officers to prepare for the Gambling Regulatory Authority. A lot of the developmental work would need intensive face-to-face discussions.”

Mr. Tan also noted that CRA’s staff worked relentlessly to ensure that its supervisions of the Casinos within Singapore remain thorough and robust despite the working conditions. He mentioned that manly gamblers resorted to using their mobile devices as a result of COVID-19 movement restrictions.

CRA’s chief executive officer, Mr. Teo Chun Ching, said in the report that there has been significant progress in the reconstitution of CRA to GRA. This is through the ongoing reviews to rationalize and consolidate gambling legislation, the regulatory frameworks for the existing and upcoming gambling products.

These reviews are mainly to ensure that gambling will be held in a risk-calculated and holistic way.