An Mbet Casino Review: The Good And The Bad

An Mbet Casino Review: The Good And The Bad

Mbet Casino takes a different interface approach from most of the online casinos.

The casino is optimized to work best for mobile devices, hence the name Mbet Mobile Casino. And their tag line “Real Casino Games on Your Mobile Phone!” reaffirms that.

This is a very clever approach when you think about it. We are more mobile than ever. Our mobile devices and tablets are with us all the time and if you have to play online casino games, you might as well use a platform fully optimized for your device.

The problem with this approach is that if you are playing on your device and you want to transfer to your computer, the gameplay isn’t as satisfying. The user interface isn’t optimized to fill your entire web browser screen and it can be a little uncomfortable to look at.

Understandably, it is a mobile first or mobile only platform, but since you can’t access it from the web, it would create a much better gaming experience if they developed the interface to fit.

Mbet casino

The interface is squeezed in the middle of the web browser screen leaving black edges on both sides. This gets in the way of your experience.

Besides that, for the flexible player, you will enjoy gaming at Mbet mobile casino.

The Features Available At Mbet Casino

Getting Started

The beginner gaming experience at Mbet is a unique one. Unlike other platforms where you get online, sign up, credit your account, and start playing, at Mbet you have to request for the game you’d like to play.

You must enter your mobile number; select the game you want to play and request to have it sent to your phone. You will then receive an SMS with the link to the game on your phone.

The link allows you to download the game for free. This comes with a welcome bonus of £10 to play with.

At this stage you’ll need to register and then proceed to create an account on the platform.

A player that knows about the process of starting to play at Mbet will not find this an inconvenience at all. However, if you have played on modern platforms, you will find this process very old fashioned and inconvenient.

Available games

Mbet is limited in the available online casino games for you to enjoy. This can be tied to the fact that it is built as a mobile platform. And most of the online casino games are designed to run on a web interface or to integrate into an application.

So, you may find it difficult to enjoy the platform especially if you are moving to Mbet Casino because of the mobile features. Also, you may not find all your favorite popular online casino games here.

The options they have include fruits, freak streak, casino viper, snake charm, mobile scratch card, super bingo, monte carlo roulette, casino blackjack, cops n robbers and dragon’s treasure.

However, if you are a new player, with limited resources, gaming experience and looking to start from your device, its not a bad place to start.

Depositing and withdrawing money

Crediting your Mbet account is very easy. With a seamless transfer using payment options like VISA, Mastercard, switch, Maestro and solo, you can add funds into your Mbet casino account.

However, payment options are quite few. Other convenient options like bank transfers and e-wallet are not available. This is another area where Mbet limits the gaming experience for experienced players who have come to expect a variety of payment options.


Unlike other casinos out there Mbet has a very weak bonus policy. So, you shouldn’t expect much from them. Now, this can be a turn off for some, unless you don’t mind not getting any freebies.

In conclusion

Mbet Casino is a very restricted platform that is built mainly with the mobile experience in mind. It also has some decent gaming options and sports betting.

However, the platform user interface is not modern at all and looks like it could use an update. The general signup and gaming experience takes too many unnecessary stages which can take the fun out of the user experience.

So, it works for basic gaming. But if you need more, it probably wont be the best options.