Live Betting Strategy 101: How to Win on Live Betting

Live Betting Strategy 101: How to Win on Live Betting

Live betting gives you the power to control your luck as you can place or hold out on wagers as the game is ongoing. The opportunity to bet live on the game means that you watch your money pile up or go down as the action happens.

With Live Betting, you can increase your wins or stop the losses. However, the pressure from live betting can cause you to make rash decisions that may cost you a lot of money.

For this reason, the most crucial strategy will always be to remain calm and collected and avoid peer pressure.

Given that the events in the game affect the odds, there will never be a perfect strategy for Live Betting. Nonetheless, there are simple rules you can follow to increase your chances of winning.

How to Win on Live Betting

Before you even get into any live betting strategy, make sure that you find a reputable sportsbook that supports live betting. A shady sportsbook can cost you money if their platform isn’t updating in real-time.

So, make sure you understand the sportsbook platform you’ve chosen. Live betting is fast, with odds often changing, pushing you to terrible decisions if you are not careful.

A reputable platform thus gives you the best chances at winning with timely and accurate updates to inform your next move.

Below Are 6 ultimate Live Betting Strategies You Can Use

1. Manage Your Money Well

Like any other type of online betting, you must manage your money well. Have a budget, stick to the budget and have the courage to walk away when you have exhausted your budget.

Live betting can be very tempting as you place several wagers to try and recover any losses you have made. Resist the temptation and walk away lest you risk increasing your losses.

2. Place a Pre-game Bet.

Pre-game bets are an excellent way to maximize your chances once you get into live betting. If you make bad decisions during the game, your pre-game bet acts as an insurance policy and vice versa.

3. Research And Have Your Stats.

Primarily, sportsbooks want to make as much money as possible. The stats they present and the ones they use to develop the opening lines favor them, not you

So, they will sometimes bait the players. If you have not researched well, you will be caught in late-changing odds that will ultimately take all your gains. It is a great live betting strategy to have your facts on the game, the players, and the general atmosphere surrounding the game.

Consult your stats first, then review the live betting stats of the sportsbook before you make any drastic changes to your bets.

4. Watch The Game

It is essential to watch the game as you bet live on it. You will be able to assess the events and make your judgments. Making changes depending on the live updates from your sportsbook is not strategic at all.

Most sportsbooks rely on computer algorithms to compute the betting odds. The algorithms may not account for some unpredictable events in the game, which give you the edge as you watch the game.

5. Don’t Place Too Many Bets.

You should focus on not more than two bets at the same time. The idea here is for the fundamental reason that so much happens in the live game. If you have too many bets running, you will not keep up.

If you attempt to maximize your gains by placing many bets, you risk losing focus on some of them. It will be particularly disappointing when the ones you lose focus on are the ones that could have been lucrative.

6. Have Multiple Accounts With Several Sportsbooks

Do you think this contradicts the earlier tip? Well, not really! Not all sportsbooks offer the same odds, and some are more lucrative than others.

Having several accounts and managing your money well positions you strategically to tap into different sportsbooks’ payouts for your wins.

In Conclusion

Live betting, at the end of the day, relies on odds and luck. Your strategies can only prevent you from making careless or irrational changes to your bets. They will not magically increase your payout or your odds.

Understanding the game and all the stats is vital before committing to live betting.