How To Play TOTO And Win Big

How To Play TOTO And Win Big

In Toto games, participants place a wager on a set of numbers to match against a set group of winning numbers. It is the second most played lottery game after 4D games, yet much easier. Here is a guide on how to play TOTO.

Place Your Bet

You can place your bet at any Singapore pools outlet or authorised retailers. For convenience, online playing is also possible through apps.  When betting, you must pick 6 numbers within the range of 1 to 49.

There are 4 different ways to place a bet;

  • Quick Pick

Here, the online Toto system randomly picks 6 numbers for you. It is the most popular choice for online players.

  • Ordinary Bet

The buyer here uses a bet slip and manually picks the numbers of his choice.

  • System 7-12

This route gives the player more power. He instead selects 7 to 12 numbers from the 1-49 range and marks them on the bet slip. It depends on the quantity you prefer. For instance, a system 10 bet is a selection of 10 numbers.

  • System Roll.

With the system roll, you can only pick 5 numbers. The 6th is a rolling number which could be any of the remaining 44.

Betting using slips

How to play TOTO

Mark your selections with a vertical line within the correct box

  1. Mark your Bet Type. Use different slips for different bet types but do not mark anything for an ordinary bet
  2. Mark the numbers you wish to enter.
  3. Select the number of draw days you’re placing your draw for. Do not mark anything for a one-day draw.
  4. Mark Group TOTO for a group game.
  5. Select Quick Pick if you are playing a Quick Pick game.
  6. Mark Void to cancel your slip.



The minimum bet amount is S$1.00.  Alternatively, you can place your bet by amount, choose a bet type, and the system will automatically sell you the maximum number of bet entries for it.

For example, If you place S$100 for System 7 Entries, the system will generate:

Fourteen System 7 Entries ($7x 14) and

Two ordinary Entries ($2 x 2)

Cost structure




The winning numbers are then drawn, which occurs on Monday and Thursday at 6:30PM Singapore time. You can also check the TOTO results on the website. So, you must ensure you place your bet before the draws happen.

In the event of Cascade draws, the drawing time is 9:30PM Singapore time.

Cascade draws take place when there is no winner for “Group prize 1” with the first three consecutive draws.



The winning numbers drawn include six numbers and an additional number.

You win a prize when you have 3 or more numbers on your ticket that match the 7 numbers from the TOTO results numbers . Prizes come in categories, from Group 1 to 7. The more matching numbers you have, the higher your prize.

Note: Group 1 winners enjoy a minimum guaranteed amount of S$1,000,000. While Groups 5 to 7 winners have a fixed prize of S$10 to S$50.

To stand a chance at winning from Group 1 and 2, you must buy a ticket for system 7 and above.

According to the TOTO prize structure, if you use Group TOTO, you may earn less money. Group TOTO lets you share a bet with a group of individuals (maximum of 10 people). Each of you gets your own ticket.

So, when you win, the prize is split between all the players in your group.

The chances of winning TOTO are very slim. It’s over 1/14 million when using an ordinary entry. So, remember to play responsibly and do not overdo it!