A Beginner’s Guide to Bet On Tennis

A Beginner’s Guide to Bet On Tennis

One of the most exciting things about betting on tennis is that it presents some of the best payouts. On top of that, it isn’t quite as complex for beginners. That makes it an excellent option for those starting out.

This guide will help you start to bet on tennis and give you all the tips you need to place your first wager.

What Should Beginners Know?

Essentially, the first step is to find a reputable sportsbook where you’ll be placing your bets. Finding the right one means you’ll have a scam-free experience as you learn your way around the sport.

Types of Bets

For a beginner, the rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Avoid any complex types of wagers that require you to consider multiple scenarios. Always go for straightforward bets. As you get confident, you can explore the more complex ones.

In most cases, you will likely bet on the dominant player. But, the payout for these is not as much as if you bet on the underdog, and they win.

Keeping it simple, these are the key wagers you should focus on as a beginner.

Outright Winner.

You are betting on the player you think will win the tournament. If you think Serena Williams will win, you bet your money on her. It’s that simple. If she wins, you win.

Outright Winner is the safest bet for beginners. You bet on the player that is undisputedly in top form. The payout won’t be as lucrative, but you won’t be losing money either.

Match Betting.

You are betting on the player you think will win a single game/match.

Handicap Betting

You are spreading your bets with handicap betting. The players get several sets as a handicap to level the playing field.

Here, the superior player gets the handicap advantage, and the underdog the handicap disadvantage. For example, the prominent player will have -10 as their handicap, and the underdog will have +10.

If the superior player maintains their -8 advantage, you win. If the underdog makes up their +10 disadvantage, you win.

Over/Under Betting.

You are betting on the duration of the match. You will bet that the game will end in straight sets (2 sets) or three sets.

If you wager on straight sets, you bet under 2.5. If you wager on three sets, you are betting over 2.5.

Note that the odds of the game determine the weight of the payout. So, to collect a big payout, you’ll have to bet on where the game is predicted to end.

Exact Score Betting.

You are betting on the exact score of the game. As a beginner, you might want to stay away from this. Such bets are much better for experts and still require a lot of luck.

With exact score betting, you predict the actual score of each set or how many each player will win.

The risk is highest here, and so is the reward. You’ll cash out a life-changing sum if you correctly make such a prediction.

Learn How Tennis Works.

Tennis has several rules; learn how these rules affect the game. You need to understand the terms, areas of the court, game-play, and point-scoring metrics.

Do your research, watch the games, read the statistics to equip yourself with as much information as possible. Sportsbooks often bait players, and only those who understand the game can call their bluff and make smart bets.

Note that betting on the dominant players won’t always guarantee you a win.

Manage Your Money Well

Like any other sports betting, funds management is essential when you bet on tennis. Have a budget and stick to it. Make small wagers as you get the hang of how betting on tennis works.

Even if you get lucky and start winning immediately, consider it beginner’s luck. Simply remain patient enough to learn the game before making risky high-sum wagers.

In conclusion

Beginner basics to bet on tennis are simple: knowledge, fund management, and safe bets. Once you understand how tennis works, who the favorites are, you’ll have the confidence you need to place your first wager.

In some tournaments, tennis can be wildly unpredictable, with unpopular underdogs “stealing” wins. So, when in doubt, stick with safer bets.