How to Bet on Golf?: Best Tips For Beginners

How to Bet on Golf?: Best Tips For Beginners

Golf is arguably the most elite sport of them all:  a rich people’s luxury for Monday mornings while the rest of the world sits in traffic. You would think there wouldn’t be any platforms to bet on golf.

But for some, it is more than just hitting a ball with a stick into 18 holes. It is an intensely competitive activity, with major tournaments to vie for. Grand prizes go into millions of dollars.

No wonder there are betting platforms for it as well, which are growing more popular. The cashouts are lucrative but not something that will make you as rich as Phil Mickelson, though.

How to Bet on Golf

Ideally, your approach starts with research. You need to know how the players perform, how they count the scores, and what plays amount to how many points.

Learn the terms used in golf. Words like Albatross, Eagle, Birdie, and others. Knowing them will help you to understand golf quickly.

Identify a credible online betting platform. Look out for one that is secure and offers several payment options and reliable customer service.


A simple Google search will show you all available golf tournaments. The most famous/major tournaments, and the ones you should be betting on include:

  • PGA Tour
  • The European Tour
  • The Masters
  • US Open
  • The Open

The Golfers/Players

Invest time in understanding the players, their strengths, and the golf courses where they perform best. This information helps you to manage your risk appetite as you place wagers.

Additionally, always take note of the weather and how they affect players’ performance at the courses hosting the games. This prevents you from ignoring critical factors and only betting on your favorites.

Key Tips & Advice

Know how the odds work

One of the ways to display odds in golf is +100. +100 means that if you make a bet of $20 and you win, your cash out will be $100 in addition to your $20.

Fractions are the most common. Fractions also represent odds. For instance, if Tiger Woods appears as 10-to-2, it means that if you bet on Tiger and he wins, your stake will be multiplied by 10.

What Bets Can You Make?

The available bets for golf are essentially the same as other sports. If you have done sports betting before, this should be easy. The variances are minor.

For a beginner, the most basic ones are below:

  • Tournament winner or outright winner – you are betting on a player that will win the tournament. It is a simple, straightforward, and very safe bet. Betting on a top player works best for this kind of bet.
  • Top 5/10/20 or finishing position – you are betting on the places a player will finish at the end of the tournament. Your choices are that they will finish in the top 5, top 10, or top 20.
  • First Round leader – you bet on the player you think will finish first at the end of the first round of a tournament. This type of bet is usually for events that last a couple of days.
  • Hole in one – in golf, a hole is one is an exciting occurrence. It demonstrates a Golfer’s pinpoint accuracy. And although they are increasingly happening these days, they are still a gamble.

You can bet on how many will be in a tournament or what players will manage to achieve that accuracy.

Besides the above-stated types of bets, there are several others one can make. Find out what is available on the online betting platform you are using and understand them. If they are not too complex for you, use them.

Funds management is an overlooked tip because it seems obvious. It is vital to manage your money well. With how seemingly straightforward some betting types are in golf, it can be easy to lose money.


Betting on golf seems complex for players that are unfamiliar with the sport. However, it is probably the easiest because you are more likely to win by betting on favorites than other sports.

With a basic understanding of golf and applying the tips above, you’ll be betting and winning big in no time.