How to Bet on Cricket: A Simple Beginners’ Guide

How to Bet on Cricket: A Simple Beginners’ Guide

Cricket is considered a top-tier sport in most parts of the world. In countries like India, Australia, Sri Lanka, etc., it reigns supreme. Since it’s quite consolidated, you’ll likely not find much data for how to bet on cricket as quickly as other sports.

While it is quite an easy sport, the odds can change quickly due to something as unpredictable as the weather, literally.

The payouts for smart wagers can also be very rewarding. However, it takes time to build the confidence and skill to make such bets accurately. In this guide, you will find the basics you need to start betting on cricket.

What to do?

The most crucial tip will always be finding a reputable online bookmaker where you can access cricket betting. There are several bookmakers available, yet choosing the right one can be confusing.

Always consider the top-rated ones. Due to their popularity and demand, these offer the best odds, security, and a scam-free betting experience.

1. Study The Game

Cricket isn’t a straightforward game for anyone new to the sport. You must understand the games beyond knowing it is a team sport containing 11 players per team.

Learn about:

  1. modes of play
  2. how to score runs
  3. how many periods are in a game
  4. the different areas on the oval cricket field and what their purpose is.

There are several other things to learn, so watch a few games to get familiar with them.

2. Take Calculated Risks

It is easy to get carried away and lose money when you bet on cricket. You must have a budget and set aside a specific amount you will spend.

Make small wagers when starting and grow your risk appetite as you understand the teams and players better.

3. Find Out The Available Types of Bets.

In cricket, you can bet on whether the match will be a draw, an away win, or a home win. This type is called match betting.

Match betting is easy, thus being the most popular for beginners. It is also the safest because it is easy to predict the match outcome if you know the teams and players well.

You can also bet on the game scores. Here you bet on the number of runs you think will result from the game.

Top Bowler: This is where you bet on what bowler you think will hit the most wickets in a match. You can stretch this risk as far as betting on the entire championship.

Top Batsman: You bet on the batsman you think will score the most runs in the match or championship.

There are several other types of bets you can participate in. Research and understand them, and if they seem easy enough for you, give them a try.

4. Study The Ratings, Rankings, And Performance

Several factors determine the overall match scores in cricket. Study the analyses of past games, the ratings, and the ranking of teams and players and observe their performance.

You need as much information to accurately determine what teams or players are your best bet for any given wager.

5. Mind The Weather

Yes, the weather! You must pay attention to the weather when you bet on cricket. Sunny or wet conditions seriously impact the game as it affects the field conditions and how players play.

Also, a match can be canceled due to bad weather, which inevitably makes it a draw. If you bet on a win or loss, you would lose in this instance.

6. Learn The Basis For The Odds

Each bookmaker will have their preferred format for displaying odds, i.e., fractions or decimals. These will remain standard as is with any other type of betting. So, it helps to acquaint yourself with what constitutes wins, losses and draws.

In Conclusion

Betting on cricket for beginners can be overwhelming with all the new terms and match rules you have to learn. However, once you have mastered them, cricket can be one of the more rewarding sports in betting.

As seen above, it offers the safest bets a beginner can make until they are confident enough to explore the riskier ones.