How to Bet on Basketball For Beginners

How to Bet on Basketball For Beginners

Unlike any other sport, basketball is one of the most unpredictable games when betting as a beginner. The odds can change instantly, and what looks like a win can become your most significant loss. This guide will how you the best tips to bet on basketball.

So, most team strategies revolve around saving the best for last.

The most popular basketball league is the NBA – National Basketball Association.

Unless you are a basketball fan who understands and follows the sport, betting on it can be challenging. There are many rules to learn in the sport. You must also understand how the player market affects teams and their winning streak.

Basketball is generally an exciting sport with profitable margins if your wagers are strategic.

How to Bet on Basketball

Given that you are about to hand over your hard-earned money to a sportsbook, you need to know what you are doing if you hope to gain.

Before placing your wagers, you need general information on the league you are betting on. Especially the team strategies and any injuries or unfavorable schedules that may affect a team’s performance.

Once that’s been taken care of, you can also consider the following tips & advice as they are the most important.

Underdogs Are Often The Most Profitable

As you bet on basketball, your favorite team may not always be an intelligent choice. Many beginners bet on their favorite teams because it seems like an assured win.

Your favorite team is most likely the most successful, such as the Los Angeles Lakers & Miami Heat.

The sportsbooks know this and know that many beginners and professionals like to make the safe bet. So, sportsbooks stack the odds against these teams regarding how much you can cash out if they win as expected.

The underdogs (the team least favored to win) usually have the spread in their favor—the greater the risk, the greater the reward. So, you’ll likely get bigger wins by betting on these.

Your Money is Valuable. Manage It Well.

Managing money well sounds quite obvious. But it is not uncommon for a player to bet a lot of their money on their favorite team as a beginner. There are no advantages to this, except for an assured win, however small.

You need to budget for the funds you have for betting. Set aside small and safe amounts and try to stick to the budget. Remember that betting on a sport as unpredictable as basketball can bankrupt you as quickly as it could make you a little richer.

Know The Bet Types Available

In basketball, your bets vary in profitability and straightforwardness. Some are more complicated and dependent on events that will happen in the game. And some are even as short as how many points a team will score per quarter.

The most common ones, however, are the Moneyline, handicap, and Total bets. As a beginner, these are the ones you should learn first.

  • Moneyline

You select the team you think will win the game. It’s that simple but also not that rewarding when you bet on the favorites.

  • Handicap

The sportsbooks place negatives that the teams must overcome to become the winning bets. The teams most likely to win usually have the most negatives to overcome.

For example, if the Lakers have -8.5, they must win by more than 8.5 for bets on the Lakers winning to become the winning bets. Vice Versa, the underdog team, if they have -3.5, they would have to win by more than that number.

  • Total bets

You bet on the total number of points scored in the game. You are betting that it will be under or over what the sportsbook has predicted. It sounds simple, but this is the most frustrating to lose as it’s usually by a few points.


In General,

Betting on basketball is an action-packed experience since the leagues have numerous games throughout most of the year.

Beginners need to take note of the critical tips mentioned above. However, you must also carry out your own analysis of the games and read the terms and conditions of your preferred sportsbook. An authentic sportsbook will enhance your experience, so choose wisely.