How Does Live Betting Work? Everything You Need to Know

How Does Live Betting Work? Everything You Need to Know

The age of the internet has made betting more accessible, more convenient. Now, players can even bet on live events/matches.

Most sportsbooks now offer live streaming of games alongside live betting. Watching the game live gives you a first-hand view of your team’s performance. And this informs how you will manage your bets.

Not all sportsbooks offer live betting, though. Find one that does before you open an account and fund it in anticipation of getting in on the action.

Live betting is available on top sportsbook websites like Acebett99 and Bet888 or mobile apps. You can use your web browser to monitor the live-action.

What is Live Betting?

Live betting is when a bettor can place bets, change their wager, and cash out as the game/match continues. Everything happens in real-time, i.e., the betting, the game, and in some cases, the payout.

Several sports now allow live betting, including American football, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, baseball, motorsports, etc. It’s a growing feature, and its popularity means that all other sports will soon join the trend.

Before you get in on live betting on a Sportsbook, learn how they read their live odds.

How Does This Work?

Before a game starts, the Sportsbook sets betting odds on the match. These odds are not permanent, and as the game goes on, they can and will change.

These odds are from the statistics studied from previous games and other metrics the Sportsbook might utilize. However, events in the live match will affect these odds hence the changing odds as the game progresses.

For example, if Team X is a favorite to win before the game starts, and as the game goes on, team Y scores, the odds will change accordingly. The odds could change to favor team Y or remain with team X but significantly increase.

Note that it’s not just the score that affects the odds. Other incidents in the match like an injury of a star player, a penalty, or any other technical factors that affect the game are considered too.

You also have access to live statistics of the game as it’s played. You can use these statistics to confirm or ignore your instincts and observations before adjusting your bets.

Advantages of Live Betting

  1. The advantages of live betting are endless as you can manage your risk and control your losses or maximize your wins. If your team is winning, you can increase your stake and subsequent payout. If it’s losing, you can halt any further stakes you had planned to wager.
  1. You can also completely rework your strategy if you realize that you placed bad wagers at the beginning of the game. Some bettors altogether abandon their initial bets in favor of winning more than staying loyal and hopeful that their teams will pull through.
  1. For sportsbooks where you can cash out before the game ends, you have the opportunity to make money before the game ends. You get a live view of the money you stand to win. If the odds shift and increase your payout, you can cash out if you feel stretching is a risk.

Disadvantages of Live Betting

  1. The odds of live betting are not as rewarding as outright bets. The flexibility to control your luck means that the sportsbooks are running a more significant risk of losing a lot of money. Therefore, the payouts are very stingy to mitigate the risk of substantial losses.
  1. To maximize the wins, one must watch the game. Otherwise, live betting can seem like placing blind bets.
  1. If you placed an unlucky bet, your losses could increase as the sportsbooks adjust the odds. You also get accurate real-time monitoring of the money you are losing, which can be nerve-racking.

In Conclusion,

Live betting is a great way to enjoy sports. Here the stakes are higher as your team’s performance directly impacts your winnings and losses. It is a more exciting way if you want the thrill and pressure.

Nonetheless, it is not for the faint-hearted or the die-hard fans. Many people lose money clinging to the hope that their teams will pull a last-minute winner. So, always keep your money in mind, remain practical, and cut your losses when you must.